Top 9 Things to See and Do at San Diego Safari Park by Experts


Welcome to San Diego Safari Park, a 1,800-acre wildlife wonderland where you can experience amazing adventures and learn about conservation.

Choose from a variety of safaris, such as the Wildlife Safari, the Behind-the-Scenes Safari, or the Ultimate Safari, and get close to rhinos, giraffes, wildebeest, and more.



Witness the speed and grace of the fastest land animal on the planet at the Sun Up Cheetah Safari, where you can watch a cheetah run at full throttle.



Soar above the savanna on the Flightline Safari, a thrilling zip line adventure that gives you a bird’s-eye view of the animals and landscapes below.



Take a walk on the wild side with the Wildlife Trek, a guided tour that lets you explore different habitats and see a variety of species, such as lemurs, kangaroos, and flamingos.

Wildlife Trek


Discover the beauty and diversity of plants from around the world at the Safari Park’s botanical gardens, which feature over 3,500 species of flora, including rare and endangered ones.

Botanical Gardens


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Learn about the Safari Park’s efforts to protect and restore wildlife and habitats, both locally and globally, through research, education, and breeding programs.



Have fun with the whole family at the Safari Park’s kid-friendly attractions, such as the Savanna Cool Zone, the Petting Kraal, and the Conservation Carousel.



Spend the night at the Safari Park and enjoy a unique sleepover experience, where you can camp in a tent, listen to the sounds of the animals, and join exclusive activities.

Roar & Snore


Check out the Safari Park’s calendar of events and find out what’s happening during your visit, such as seasonal festivals, animal shows, and special celebrations.



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