9 Ways to Deeply Fall in Love with San Diego Safari Park


Experience the thrill of an African safari without leaving California.

Ride in an open-air truck and see rhinos, giraffes, and more.

Explore the Savanna Habitats


Learn how the Safari Park cares for and conserves wildlife.

Meet the Animal Care Experts


Relax in a safari cart and get a guided tour of the African or Asian savanna.

Enjoy a Comfortable Tour


See the fastest land animal in action and learn about its conservation.

Watch a Cheetah Run


Choose your own safari experience and get exclusive access to the Park.

Customize Your Adventure


Spend the night at the Park and enjoy evening and morning activities.

Camp Under the Stars


Zip across the Park and get a bird’s-eye view of the wildlife below.

Soar Above the Animals


See a variety of animals and plants on this exciting walking tour.

Walk Through the Park


Watch animal shows, visit exhibits, and interact with the Park’s ambassadors.

Learn and Have Fun


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