Top 10 Hidden Gems of Wind Cave National Park


Welcome to Wind Cave National Park, one of the oldest and most unique national parks in the USA.

Join us as we reveal the top 10 hidden gems of Wind Cave National Park, a stunning destination and animals that offers both underground and aboveground attractions.

Explore the underground wonderland of Wind Cave, the first cave to be designated a national park in the world.

Wind Cave


Marvel at the rare and intricate boxwork formations, which make up 95% of the world’s known boxwork.



Learn about the different cave tours offered by the park, from the easy Garden of Eden Tour to the adventurous Wild Cave Tour.

Cave Tours


Step outside the cave and enjoy the vast and beautiful mixed-grass prairie, one of the largest in the country.



Encounter the majestic bison, the iconic animal of the park and the American West.

Bison Watching


Spot the elegant elk, the second-largest member of the deer family in North America

Elk Watching


Explore Black Hills' underground wonders: Visit Jewel Cave National Monument, the world's third-longest cave, just 30 mins from Wind Cave NP.

Jewel Cave National Monument


Explore Black Hills' history at 1881 Courthouse Museum, Custer town, 20 mins from Wind Cave National Park.

1881 Courthouse Museum


One of the most cunning and adaptable animals you can see in Wind Cave National Park is the coyote, also known as the prairie wolf. 

Prairie Wolf Watching


One of the fastest and most graceful animals you can see in Wind Cave National Park is the pronghorn, also known as the American antelope.



Plan your visit today and discover the wonders of this amazing place.

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