10 Must-Know Facts Before Exploring Wind Cave National Park


Did you know that Wind Cave is one of the oldest and longest caves in the world? It has over 150 miles of mapped passages and is still growing.

Explore the wonders of Wind Cave National Park, both above and below the ground. Learn 10 amazing facts about this unique and historic park.

Wind Cave is the first cave park in the world, It was established in 1903 by President Theodore Roosevelt.

FACT #10

Wind Cave has 95% of the world’s boxwork, Boxwork is a rare and delicate cave formation made of calcite.


Wind Cave is one of the longest caves in the world,  It has over 150 miles of mapped passages, and more are being discovered.


Wind Cave is named after the wind at its entrance, The wind is caused by the difference in air pressure between the cave and the surface.


Wind Cave has a rich Native American history, The Lakota people consider it a sacred place and the origin of their culture.


Wind Cave is home to diverse wildlife, You can see bison, elk, pronghorns, prairie dogs, and many other animals in the park.


Wind Cave is part of the Black Hills ecosystem, The park protects a remnant of the mixed-grass prairie and the ponderosa pine forest.


Wind Cave has a variety of hiking trails, You can enjoy scenic views, historical sites, and natural features on the trails.


Wind Cave offers guided cave tours, You can learn about the cave’s geology, history, and ecology from park rangers.


Wind Cave has a unique cave climate, The cave temperature is constant at 53°F, and the humidity is high at 90%.


To visit Wind Cave, reserve a cave tour in advance and visit the park’s website for helpful tips.

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