These are 11 Key Tips for Hiking the New England Scenic Trail


The New England Scenic Trail (NET) is a long-distance hiking trail that covers approximately 215 miles (346 km) across the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts in the United States.

The New England Scenic Trail offers a diverse hiking experience, traversing various landscapes including classic New England Scenic such as forests, ridgelines, farmlands, and colonial towns. 

The New England Scenic Trail, designated as one of 11 National Scenic Trails in 2009, follows three older trail systems: Mattabesett, Metacomet, and Monadnock.

Know the Trail history and features


The NET is easy to get on and off, as it crosses more than 100 public roads along the way.

Access the Trail easily


The NET is well marked, but it has two different colors for the blazes: blue in Connecticut and white in Massachusetts.

Follow the blazes and markings


The NET does not have many camping options, as most of the trail passes through private land or restricted areas.

Plan your camping and lodging


The NET is not a wilderness trail, so you can find many places to resupply your food and water along the way.

Resupply your food and water


The NET has some water crossings that can be tricky or dangerous, depending on the water level and the weather.

Prepare for Water crossings


The NET can be hiked year-round, but each season has its pros and cons.

Choose your Hiking season


The NET is a challenging trail that requires proper clothing and gear. You should dress in layers that can keep you warm, dry, and comfortable in different weather conditions.

Dress and Pack smart


The NET is a shared trail that welcomes hikers, bikers, runners, horseback riders, and snowshoers.

Follow the Trail etiquette and rules


The NET offers a unique perspective on New England's history, tracing its roots to Native Americans, colonists, industrialists, and conservationists.

Learn the trail history and culture


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The NET showcases New England's natural beauty, offering scenic views of Long Island Sound, Connecticut River Valley, Holyoke Range, and Monadnock.

Enjoy the Trail scenery and wildlife


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