These are 11 Must-See Sights of the New England Scenic Trail


The New England Scenic Trail offers a scenic and historic hiking adventure through 11 must-see sights, including traprock ridges, farmlands, waterfalls, and more.

The New England Scenic Trail (NET) is a long-distance hiking trail that spans approximately 215 miles through the scenic and varied landscapes of Connecticut and Massachusetts.

The trail begins at the Long Island Sound, a large estuary that is home to diverse wildlife and marine ecosystems.

Long Island Sound


One of the first challenges on the trail is Chauncey Peak, a 688-foot high traprock ridge that offers panoramic vistas of the surrounding area.

Chauncey Peak


Another traprock landmark is Castle Craig, a stone tower that stands on the summit of East Peak in Meriden.

Castle Craig


Ragged Mountain is a popular destination for hikers, climbers, and nature lovers.

Ragged Mountain


Talcott Mountain is a prominent ridge that features the Heublein Tower, a 165-foot high structure that was once a summer home and a lookout point.

Talcott Mountain


Mount Tom is the highest peak in the Holyoke Range, a series of traprock hills that form a natural barrier between the Connecticut River and the Pioneer Valley. 

Mount Tom


Mount Holyoke is another notable peak in the Holyoke Range, famous for its historic summit house, which is now a museum.

Mount Holyoke


Mount Norwottuck is the highest point in the Holyoke Range, reaching 1,106 feet above sea level.

Mount Norwottuck


Mount Monadnock is the final and most challenging peak on the trail, rising 3,165 feet above sea level.

Mount Monadnock


Royalston Falls is a stunning waterfall that plunges 45 feet into a gorge. 

Royalston Falls


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The trail ends at Long Pond, a serene lake that is part of the Quabbin Reservoir watershed.

Long Pond


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