Explore Salt Lake City's 10 Spectacular Hiking Trails


Embark on a journey through Salt Lake City's breathtaking landscapes with these 10 spectacular hiking trails, offering a perfect blend of nature's beauty and thrilling adventure.

Moderate, 3.7 km. Journey to a sub-alpine lake above Brighton Ski Resort, with boulders perfect for picnicking. No swimming or dogs allowed.

Lake Mary Trail


Moderate, 3.7 km. Reach an overlook with unique rock formations resembling furniture. Watch for other trail users, especially at intersections.

Living Room Lookout Trail


Easy, 2.4 km. Family-friendly hike to a waterfall with a donut-hole shape. A short drive from Salt Lake City, with alternate parking during peak times.

Donut Falls Trail


Hard, 9.0 km. Ascend to the summit of Grandeur Peak for stunning sunrise views. The trail gets rocky closer to the summit, above the treeline.

Grandeur Peak East Trail


Moderate, 2.9 km. Family-friendly hike to a beautiful alpine lake. Trailhead near Albion Basin Campground, a popular day trip from Salt Lake City.

Cecret Lake Trail


Moderate, 6.1 km. Traverse Avenue Twin Peaks for panoramic views. Ideal for hikers seeking a challenging but rewarding journey.

Avenue Twin Peaks


Moderate, 7.7 km. This maintained path offers views of Salt Lake City, extending to Porter Fork Pass and Desolation Lake.

Salt Lake Overlook via Desolation Trail


Moderate, 1.4 km. Steep climb to peak with historical significance. Educational signage and panoramic views of Salt Lake Valley as a reward.

Ensign Peak Trail and Overlook


Hard, 9.3 km. Accesses potential avalanche terrain. The trail offers spectacular views but requires caution.

Sunset Peak via Brighton Lakes Trail


Moderate, 3.7 km. Hike to Silver Lake and Twin Lakes reservoir surrounded by mountains. Enjoy scenic views along sections of the boardwalk.

Twin Lakes Trail


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