The 7 Most Unusual Lakes That You Won't Believe Exist!


Discover 7 extraordinary lakes defying norms with strange colors, shapes, or phenomena. Surprising beauty, mystery, and uniqueness await. Ready to dive in?

Spotted Lake in BC transforms each summer, revealing vibrant mineral polka dots. Sacred and preserved, it's a captivating sight along Highway 3.

Spotted Lake – British Columbia, Canada


Lake Retba showcases a striking pink color from salt-loving algae. With 40% salinity, it's ideal for salt harvesting and attracts tourists for floating and photography.

Lake Retba – Senegal


Alpine oasis suspended 1,000ft above Glenwood Canyon. Turquoise waters, cascading falls, and lush greenery. Permits required. No dogs, fishing, swimming.

Hanging Lake – Colorado


Experience the mystical allure of Japan's Mashu-ko, cloaked in enchanting fog. Discover sacred beauty at this hidden gem in Akan-Mashu National Park.

Lake Mashu – Japan


Explore Murray-Sunset NP's stunning pink lakes, home to vibrant microorganisms. Encounter rare wildlife in this remote Victoria gem.

Pink Lakes of Murray-Sunset National Park – Australia


Unveil Crater Lake's breathtaking beauty, born from Mount Mazama's fiery legacy. Dive into its pure blue depths and explore its enchanting wonders.

Crater Lake – Oregon


Earth's largest freshwater body, 20% of global fresh water, 5,354ft deep, 25 million years old, home to unique wildlife.

Lake Baikal – Siberia, Russia


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