Discover New York State's 9 Hidden Gems, Recommended by a Local


New York State’s Hidden Gems Content: New York State is more than just the Big Apple. Discover 9 amazing places that are off the beaten path, but worth a visit.

Located in Cooperstown, this bridge dates back to 1825 and is a historic landmark.

Hyde Hall Covered Bridge


This 50-foot tall structure near Cherry Valley is a gift shop and food stand that sells Native American crafts and snacks.

The Tepee


This 500-acre site near the Storm King Mountain showcases over 100 sculptures by prominent artists.

Storm King Art Center


This nature area in the Shawangunk Mountains offers stunning views and hiking trails.

Sam’s Point Preserve and the Ellenville Ice Caves


This marketplace is home to stalls owned by immigrants and refugees who offer diverse cuisines and products.

Buffalo’s West Side Bazaar


This museum in Oswego tells the story of 982 refugees, mostly Jewish, who were granted asylum in the US during World War II.

Safe Haven Holocaust Refugee Shelter Museum 


This bridge spans 1.28 miles over the Hudson River and connects Poughkeepsie and Highland.

Walkway Over the Hudson


This castle is located on Pollepel Island in the Hudson River. 

Bannerman Castle 


This waterfall in Chestnut Ridge Park has a natural gas seep behind it that produces a flame.

Eternal Flame Falls


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