9 Top Pennsylvania Ski and Snowboard Areas for Winter Thrills


Pennsylvania offers winter sports, skiing and snowboarding from the Poconos to the Alleghenies, with options for all skill levels, family-friendly fun, and cozy lodges.

Blue Mountain Resort is the largest ski and snowboard area in Pennsylvania, with 40 trails, 16 lifts, and 6 terrain parks.

Blue Mountain Resort


Elk Mountain Ski Resort is a hidden gem in the northeastern corner of Pennsylvania, near the border with New York. It has 27 trails, 6 lifts, and a vertical 1,000 feet.

Elk Mountain Ski Resort


Camelback Mountain Resort is one of the most popular ski and snowboard areas in Pennsylvania, located in the heart of the Poconos.

Camelback Mountain Resort


Blue Knob All Seasons Resort is the highest skiable mountain in Pennsylvania, with a summit elevation 3,146 feet. It has 34 trails and a vertical drop 1,072 feet.

Blue Knob All Seasons Resort


Montage Mountain is a convenient ski and snowboard area, located just minutes from downtown Scranton.

Montage Mountain


Seven Springs Mountain Resort is a premier ski and snowboard destination in the Laurel Highlands, about an hour from Pittsburgh.

Seven Springs Mountain Resort


Whitetail Resort is a modern ski and snowboard area, located near the Maryland border. It has 23 trails, 9 lifts, and 2 terrain parks.

Whitetail Resort


Hidden Valley Resort is a family-friendly ski and snowboard area, located next to Seven Springs Mountain Resort.

Hidden Valley Resort


Liberty Mountain Resort is a cozy ski and snowboard area, located near the historic town of Gettysburg.

Liberty Mountain Resort


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