Uncover Glacier National Park's 8 Hidden Gems Quickly


Discover the best-kept secrets of Glacier National Park, from scenic trails and lakes to wildlife and history, in this quick guide.

A stunning alpine lake that can be reached by a 3-mile hike from Logan Pass.

Hidden Lake


A serene lake that is less crowded than Lake McDonald.

Bowman Lake


A glacial lake that is filled with floating icebergs even in summer.

Iceberg Lake


A scenic trail that follows the Continental Divide for 7.6 miles.

Highline Trail


A shrinking glacier that is one of the park’s icons. 

Grinnell Glacier


A turquoise lake that is surrounded by waterfalls and mountains.

Avalanche Lake


A peaceful lake that offers stunning views of Sinopah Mountain and Rising Wolf Mountain.

Two Medicine Lake


A remote area that is part of the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park.

Goat Haunt


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