Craft Beer Haven: 8 Must-Visit Breweries in Asheville


Dive into Asheville's craft beer haven with our guide to the top 8 breweries. From classic ales to experimental brews, embark on a flavorful journey in this mountain town.

Enjoy beer, a hot pretzel stand, and a corn hole with family. This brewery offers a lively atmosphere with a food truck and wide open spaces.

New Belgium Brewing Company


This brewery provides a fun vibe with a variety of brews and vibrant decor. A great spot for enjoying good music and food trucks.

Highland Brewing Company


Located in the River Arts District in a 19th-century warehouse, this brewery offers unique and artistic brews.

Wedge Brewing Company


The brewery has a new brewmaster and superb beers. It keeps the old ways and originality from when it first started.

One World Brewing


Situated in a walkable section of town, the South Slope location offers six beers to taste for $8.

Catawba Brewery


A delightful beer selection awaits visitors at Twin Leaf. Experience a cozy and friendly atmosphere here.

Twin Leaf Brewery


This local brewery is a must-stop for any hophead, offering a large selection of IPAs and other craft beers.

Burial Beer Co


This small and personable brewery in the Hilliard location offers a welcoming vibe and unique beer options.

Hi-Wire Brewing


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