10 Best Breweries in Asheville: A Beer Lover's Guide


Dive into Asheville's vibrant beer culture with our guide to the city's top 10 breweries. Discover unique flavors, passionate brewers, and the essence of craft beer in this mountain town.

A family-owned brewery with a scenic hilltop location, known for classics like Gaelic Ale and Rising Haze IPA.

Highland Brewing


Renowned for their diverse lineup, from IPAs like Surf Wax to sought-after stouts, housed in a unique taproom.

Burial Beer Co.


Specializing in open-fermented lagers and ales, offering refreshing flavors alongside riverside charm.

Zillicoah Beer Co


A modern brewery with exceptional branding, crafting progressive beers with engaging artwork and a nod to tradition.



Embracing a hive mentality, this brewery serves up sensational sours and barrel-aged beers alongside inventive food.

Bhramari Brewing Company


Known for their dynamic wild ales and farmhouse ales, with delightful easter eggs like haikus on their labels.

Archetype Brewing


Producing stellar farmhouse ales with a focus on Belgian and French styles, worth the drive for unique brews.

ZEBULON Artisan Ales


A small brewery focusing on experimental beers, offering modern styles alongside humble classics.

New Origin Brewing Company


Crafting classic and innovative brews, Catawba Brewery offers a diverse range of beers in a welcoming atmosphere.

Catawba Brewery


Established in 2013, this circus-themed brewery produces a wide variety of beers, with a focus on tart sours and easy-drinking lagers.

Hi-Wire Brewing


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