9 Things To Know Before Visiting San Diego Safari Park From Experts


This web story provides 9 essential details about San Diego Safari Park, a 1,800-acre zoo offering diverse safaris, activities, and exhibits for all ages.

The Safari Park is open year-round, but the best time to visit depends on your preferences and budget.

Best Time to Visit


The Safari Park is located in the San Pasqual Valley area of San Diego, near Escondido.

How to Get There


The Safari Park offers different types of tickets and memberships to suit your needs and budget.

Tickets and Memberships


The Safari Park is famous for its safaris and activities that let you get up close and personal with your favorite wildlife. 

Safaris and Activities


The Safari Park has several exhibits and shows that showcase the diversity and beauty of wildlife.

Exhibits and Shows


The Safari Park has a variety of dining and shopping options to satisfy your appetite and souvenir needs.

Dining and Shopping


The Safari Park welcomes all guests and provides several services to help them enjoy their visit.

Accessibility and Services


To make the most of your visit to the Safari Park, here are some tips and tricks from experts and frequent visitors.

Tips and Tricks


Safari Park, a top San Diego attraction, excels in wildlife conservation globally. Explore impressive facts to amaze friends and family!

Fun Facts


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