San Diego Zoo vs Safari Park: 8 Key Differences Explored


San Diego Zoo and Safari Park are both world-class attractions that showcase a variety of animals and habitats. But which one should you choose?

Safari Park is much larger than the Zoo, but most of it is not accessible to the public. The Zoo is located in Balboa Park, while Safari Park is in Escondido.

Size and Location


The Zoo has more animals and more diversity than Safari Park. The Zoo features animals from all over the world, while Safari Park focuses on arid environments.

Animals and Exhibits


Safari Park offers more unique and immersive experiences than the Zoo, such as safari rides, zip lines, and animal encounters. 

Tours and Experiences


Both parks have similar ticket prices, but the Zoo offers free parking and is closer to downtown San Diego. 

Time and Cost


The Zoo is more compact and easier to walk than Safari Park, which has more hills and uneven terrain. 

Walking and Accessibility


The Zoo has more food options and better quality than Safari Park, which has fewer and more expensive restaurants.

Food and Amenities


The Zoo has more pleasant weather than Safari Park, which can get very hot and dry in the summer.

Weather and Seasonality


Both parks are family and kid-friendly, but the Zoo may be more suitable for younger children, who can see more animals in less time.

Family and Kid-Friendly


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