9 Reasons Why Gorongosa National Park is a Must-Visit Destination


Gorongosa is a wildlife wonderland in Mozambique that offers diverse and exciting experiences for travelers.

Gorongosa was once devastated by civil war, but thanks to a visionary partnership, it is now a thriving conservation success story

Witness a Remarkable restoration story


Gorongosa is home to elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes, and rhinos, as well as many other species of mammals, birds, and reptiles

Encounter the Big Five and more


Gorongosa has a variety of stunning landscapes, from the fertile floodplain and the serene Lake Urema, to the majestic Mount Gorongosa and the lush rainforest

Explore the scenic landscapes


Gorongosa offers many options for adventure seekers, such as hiking, kayaking, camping, and walking safaris.

Enjoy the thrill of adventure


Gorongosa’s guides are passionate and knowledgeable about the park’s wildlife and history.

Learn from the local guides


Gorongosa is not only a park, but also a project that aims to improve the lives of the people who live around it.

Support the local communities


Gorongosa produces some of the finest coffee in the world, grown by local farmers on the slopes of Mount Gorongosa.

Taste the local coffee and cuisine


Gorongosa is a hotspot of biodiversity and a living laboratory for scientific research. 

Join the scientific research


Gorongosa has a rich and fascinating culture and history.

Experience the culture and history


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