9 Reasons to Visit and Fall in Love with LEGOLAND Orlando


LEGOLAND Orlando is more than just a theme park. It’s a LEGO lover’s paradise with amazing attractions, events and experiences for all ages.

Embark on a thrilling boat ride through the legendary Cypress Gardens and uncover the secrets of the pirate treasure hunt.

Pirate River Quest


Explore the iconic Miniland with new shade structures and buildings that showcase the incredible LEGO creations of famous landmarks.

Miniland Shade Structures


Discover the history of LEGO and LEGOLAND Florida in this fascinating attraction that features original LEGO minifigures, models and artifacts.



Join the pirate invasion at LEGOLAND Florida with themed activities, shows, character meet and greets and a dance party like no other.

PirateFest Weekends


Unleash your inner ninja at LEGO NINJAGO Days with special challenges, games, rides and characters from the popular LEGO franchise.



Celebrate the longest summer ever at LEGOLAND Florida with surprises, music, fireworks and more on select dates in June and July.

Expanded Summer Celebration


Step into the world of The LEGO Movie with three awesome rides, a playground, a splash pad and your favorite characters from the film.

LEGO Movie World


Join the LEGO fire and police teams and help them save the day in this interactive attraction that tests your skills and teamwork.

LEGO City Rescue Academy


Ride the wooden coaster that curves and dips around a prehistoric jungle of life-sized LEGO dinosaurs.



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