9 Best Theme Parks in Orlando, Florida


Orlando is the theme park capital of the world. With 9 amazing parks to choose from, you’ll never run out of fun and adventure.

The classic Disney park, where you can meet your favorite characters, enjoy iconic rides, and watch spectacular fireworks

Magic Kingdom


A park that celebrates culture, innovation, and imagination.



A park that combines wildlife, nature, and fantasy.

Animal Kingdom


A park that immerses you in the magic of movies, TV, and music. 

Hollywood Studios


A park that brings you closer to the action of your favorite films and shows.

Universal Studios


A park that offers more excitement and adventure for thrill-seekers.

Islands of Adventure


A water park that features a massive volcano, a relaxing beach, and a variety of slides, rides, and pools.

Volcano Bay


A park that showcases marine life, conservation, and entertainment.



A park that lets you swim with dolphins, snorkel with fish, and relax in a tropical oasis

Discovery Cove


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