9 Cheap Yet Delightful Retirement Places in West Virginia


Discover West Virginia's 9 affordable and charming retirement destinations for 2024, combining charm, low living costs, tax benefits, and quality healthcare.

Weirton is a city with a proud industrial heritage, a diverse community, and a strategic location.



Moundsville is a city with a fascinating history, a rich culture, and a scenic setting.



Oak Hill is a city with a lot of adventure, recreation, and fun.

Oak Hill


Huntington is a city with a vibrant downtown, a lively arts scene, and a convenient riverfront. 



Summersville is a city with a beautiful lake, a charming downtown, and a friendly atmosphere.



Weston is a city with a glass-making tradition, a historic district, and a paranormal attraction.



Lewisburg is a city with a colonial charm, a creative flair, and a cool reputation.



Morgantown is a city with a youthful and energetic vibe, a prestigious university, and a beautiful botanic garden.



Berkeley Springs is a town with a natural spa, a cozy inn, and a quaint atmosphere. 

Berkeley Springs


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