Discover Virginia's Top 9 Inviting Retirement Locations


Retire in Virginia for scenic beauty, rich history, and tax benefits. Explore top 9 retirement spots – beach, mountains, or suburbs, fitting your lifestyle and budget. 

Fairfax County is ideal for retirees who want access to the nation’s capital, with its museums, monuments, and cultural events. 

Fairfax County


Williamsburg is a charming city that offers a glimpse into the colonial era, with its restored buildings, reenactments, and museums. 



Virginia Beach is a sandy beach on the Atlantic Ocean, and one of the most popular destinations in Virginia. It’s a great place to enjoy the sun, surf, and sand, even in winter.

Virginia Beach


Abingdon is a quaint town in the southwest of Virginia, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s known for its arts and culture scene, with the Barter Theatre.



Roanoke is a city that combines the amenities of a metropolitan area with the beauty of the countryside. You can enjoy the downtown, which has museums, galleries, restaurants.



Winchester is a city that offers a blend of history and nature, as it’s located at the northern end of the Shenandoah Valley. You can visit the historic sites.



Bristol is a town that straddles the border between Virginia and Tennessee, and is known as the birthplace of country music. You can experience the musical legacy of the town.



Staunton is a small city that boasts a vibrant arts scene, with the American Shakespeare Center, the Staunton Music Festival, and the Beverley Street Studio School.



Danville, on the Dan River, boasts a history as a tobacco and textile hub. Explore the city's past at the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History.



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