8 Must-Know Tips Before Your Yellowstone Visit


If you are planning to visit Yellowstone National Park, you are in for a treat. This park is home to some of the most spectacular scenery and wildlife in the world.

Prepare for awe-inspiring landscapes and encounters with diverse wildlife. These 8 must-know tips will enhance your Yellowstone National Park adventure.

Beat the crowds at Old Faithful by visiting early morning or evening. Hike Observation Point Trail for a quieter experience with great views.

See Old Faithful in the early morning or the evening


Yellowstone Lake offers tranquility away from crowds. Cruise, fish, or rent a boat for a serene experience on North America's largest high-elevation lake.

Visit Yellowstone Lake in the afternoon


Explore Yellowstone on foot to truly experience its wonders beyond the car window. Get off the beaten path and onto the trails for an immersive adventure.

Take a hike


Spot Yellowstone's wildlife stars at dawn or dusk. Head to Hayden Valley for bison sightings. Early mornings and evenings offer the best chances.

Look for wildlife at the correct times


Visit Yellowstone's Visitor Centers for park info, exhibits, and ranger programs. Take advantage of educational fun.

Stop at the Visitor Centers


Experience Yellowstone's stunning night sky. Drive to a turnout, walk 100 yards, and marvel at the stars with little light pollution.

Look at the stars


Experience comfort in history at the Old Faithful Inn or Lake Yellowstone Hotel. Stay inside the park for early park access and unforgettable sights.

Visit or Stay in a Historic Place


Prepare for all seasons with layers and rain gear. Patience is key for crowds and changing weather.

Pack for multiple seasons


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