These are Top 11 Attractions Around Yellowstone's North Entrance


The North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park is significant for several reasons.

Yellowstone's North Entrance is located near the town of Gardiner, Montana, and is the only entrance to the park that is open year-round to wheeled vehicle traffic.

Drive or walk through this historic stone arch, dedicated by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903.

Roosevelt Arch


Visit this charming town that borders the park, and enjoy its shops, restaurants, and museums.

Gardiner, Montana


Admire the unique formations of these terraced hot springs, a geological wonder.

Mammoth Hot Springs


A waterfall with an 84-foot drop and a gradual descent.

Gibbon Falls


Soak in the natural hot springs that mix with the cold river water, creating a relaxing experience.

Boiling River


Marvel at the stunning views of this deep canyon, carved by the Yellowstone River over millennia.

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone


See the impressive 132-foot waterfall that plunges into the canyon, and hike the nearby trails.

Tower Fall


Explore this historic area that features a general store, a campground, and a ranger station.



Spot some of the wildlife that call Yellowstone home, such as bison, elk, and wolves.

Lamar Valley


 A unique-looking geyser with views of Lake Yellowstone

Fishing Cone


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Bunsen Peak Trailhead in Yellowstone National Park is the starting point for a popular hiking trail that leads to the summit of Bunsen Peak.

Bunsen Peak Trailhead


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