8 Incredible Mind-blowing Attractions of Big Bend National Park


Explore the stunning landscapes, wildlife, and history of this amazing park.

Hike along the Rio Grande and marvel at the towering cliffs of this spectacular canyon.

Santa Elena Canyon


Enjoy the cooler temperatures, scenic views, and diverse flora and fauna of this high-elevation area.

Chisos Basin


Challenge yourself to a strenuous climb to the summit of Emory Peak, where you can see for miles.

Emory Peak


Witness the sunset through this iconic opening in the Chisos Mountains, a perfect spot for photography.

The Window


Follow this popular trail to a ridge overlooking the Chisos Basin and the South Rim.

Lost Mine Trail


Take a boat ride across the Rio Grande and visit the colorful village of Boquillas, Mexico.

Boquillas Canyon


Learn about the history of mercury mining in Big Bend and see the ruins of this abandoned mine.

Mariscal Mine


Experience the healing waters of these natural hot springs, located along the banks of the Rio Grande.

Hot Springs


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