The Top 9 National Parks for Thrill-Seekers 


Are you looking for some excitement and nature? Check out these 9 national parks that are perfect for thrill-seekers. 

Explore the surreal landscape of sandstone arches and rock formations. Try canyoneering, mountain biking, or rock climbing.

Arches National Park 


Experience the extreme heat and dryness of the lowest point in North America. Drive on backcountry roads, camp in the desert, or hike to salt flats 

Death Valley National Park 


Venture into the wild and remote wilderness of Alaska. Backpack, camp, or raft on wild rivers. Watch the northern lights at night 

Gates of the Arctic National Park 


Enjoy the diversity of desert, mountain, and river habitats. Float down the Rio Grande, hike to hot springs, or spot wildlife 

Big Bend National Park 


Immerse yourself in the tropical paradise of the South Pacific. Snorkel in coral reefs, hike in rainforests, or learn about Samoan culture.

American Samoa National Park 


Discover the underwater wonders of the largest marine park in the US. Boat, kayak, or canoe to islands and mangroves. See dolphins, turtles, and manatees. 

Biscayne National Park 


Experience the beauty and challenge of the red rock canyons. Hike the famous Angels Landing or The Narrows trails. Watch the sunset over the cliffs 

Zion National Park 


Witness the majesty and fragility of the glaciers and mountains. Drive the scenic Going-to-the-Sun Road. Spot bears, moose, and mountain goats 

Glacier National Park 


Marvel at the awe-inspiring views of the world’s most famous canyon. Raft on the Colorado River, hike along the rim, or fly over the canyon. 

Grand Canyon National Park 


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