8 Best Spots for Photography in Glacier National Park


Glacier National Park is a photographer’s dream. With over 1 million acres of rugged and scenic landscapes, the park offers endless opportunities to capture breathtaking images of nature.

An iconic view is the reflection of Grinnell Point on Swiftcurrent Lake. Best Photography time is sunrise or sunset, creating a magical glow on the water.

Swiftcurrent Lake and Grinnell Point


Lake Overlook is a popular destination for hikers and photographers alike. The trail leads to a stunning vista of Hidden Lake and Bearhat Mountain.

Hidden Lake Overlook


This is a turquoise gem surrounded by towering peaks and cascading waterfalls. The lake can be reached by a moderate hike along the Trail of the Cedars and the Avalanche Creek.

Avalanche Lake


This is a serene and scenic spot in the southeast corner of the park. The lake offers spectacular views of Sinopah Mountain, Rising Wolf Mountain, and Lone Walker Mountain.

Two Medicine Lake 


This is the second largest lake in the park and one of the most photogenic. The lake features a dramatic backdrop of mountains, such as Citadel Mountain, and Fusillade Mountain.

Saint Mary Lake


Oberlin Bend is a scenic overlook on the Going-to-the-Sun Road that offers panoramic views of the park. You can see Heavens Peak, Clements Mountain and Logan Pass.

Oberlin Bend


Iceberg Lake is a glacial lake that lives up to its name. The lake is filled with icebergs that float on the surface, creating a unique and surreal scene.

Iceberg Lake


This is a hidden gem in the park that can be accessed by a short but steep hike. The falls drop about 100 feet into a rocky pool, creating a beautiful contrast.

Apikuni Falls


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