7 US Places That Feel Like Foreign Destinations


Have you ever dreamed of visiting exotic places around the world, but don't have the time or money to do so? You can still experience different cultures and landscapes right here in America. 

New Orleans is a city unlike any other in the US. It has a rich history of French, Spanish, and Caribbean influences that can be seen in its architecture, cuisine, and music.

New Orleans, Louisiana


Miami is a melting pot of Latin American cultures, with a vibrant energy and a colorful atmosphere. You can hear Spanish everywhere, taste delicious Cuban food, and dance.

Miami, Florida


San Francisco is a city with a unique character and a bohemian vibe. It has iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge.

San Francisco, California


Taos is a town that captures the essence of the American Southwest. It has adobe architecture, Native American heritage, and stunning landscapes.

Taos, New Mexico


Charleston is a city that preserves the charm and elegance of the Old South. It has cobblestone streets, stately mansions, and lush gardens.

Charleston, South Carolina


Leavenworth is a town that looks like it was transported from Germany. It has Alpine-style buildings, German restaurants and shops, and festive events like Oktoberfest.

Leavenworth, Washington


Honolulu is a city that offers a taste of Polynesia in America. It has beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and volcanic mountains.

Honolulu, Hawaii


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