7 Vacation Ideas for a Blissful Summer Break in 2024


Discover 7 exhilarating vacation ideas to make your summer break unforgettable in 2024. From serene beach getaways to adventurous mountain retreats, find your perfect escape.

Indulge in romance along Italy's coast, from historic Rome to picturesque Lake Como. Escape the heat with seaside splashes and winery tours.

Enjoy la dolce vita in Italy


Immerse yourself in Medellín's art scene and Cartagena's colonial charm. Enjoy outdoor adventures and coastal delights amid warm summer days.

Explore the cities of Colombia


Dive into the allure of Monaco, where luxury casinos and stunning coastlines await under the Mediterranean sun.

Pretend you're 007 in Monaco


Relax on Jamaica's north coast with lazy beach days and rum cocktails. Discover the island's natural wonders and luxurious accommodations.

Laze a round in Montego Bay 


Savor the flavours of Napa Valley's vineyards and indulge in wine train journeys. Enjoy luxurious summer stays in California's sunshine.

Go wine tasting in Napa Valley


Embrace outdoor festivals and rooftop bars in NYC’'s vibrant summer scene. Discover trendy eateries and sought-after accommodations.

Pretend you're not a tourist in NYC


Discover Cusco's charm and Machu Picchu's marvels. After high-altitude explorations, rejuvenate in oxygen-enriched rooms.

Summit Machu Picchu


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