These Are 7 Best Adult Summer Camps In The United States 


Unleash your inner adventurer with our curated list of the Top 7 Adult summer camps across the United States, promising unforgettable experiences.

Rustic nostalgia meets boutique charm on Martha's Vineyard, complete with vintage games and a sprawling porch.

Summercamp | Martha’s Vineyard, MA


Experience adult-only fun, reliving childhood summers through themed parties and outdoor adventures across multiple states.

Camp No Counselors | NY and CA


Embark on an adventure in Moab with horseback riding, hot air balloon rides and relaxing spa treatments awaiting your arrival.

Sorrel River Ranch | Moab, UT


Unwind and let loose at this LGBTQ+ getaway where you can enjoy lake activities, hot tubs, and themed weekends.

The Woods | Lehighton, PA


At this wilderness resort, delve into Ozark Mountain adventures like underwater bowling and horseback riding for endless fun.

Big Cedar Lodge | Ridgedale, MO


Embark on astronaut training and model rocket launches, delving deep into the realm of space exploration at Space Camp.

Space Camp | Huntsville, AL


Experience the essence of summer with beach volleyball, cooking classes, and inclusive drinks offered at camps in multiple states.

Camp Halcyon | WI, MI, and PA


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