6 Things to Do for a Memorable Visit to Sequoia National Park


Sequoia National Park, one of the oldest and most spectacular in the U.S., protects giant sequoias, Mount Whitney, lakes, and wildlife. Explore 6 must-do activities for a memorable visit.

No visit to Sequoia National Park is complete without seeing the General Sherman Tree, the largest living tree on Earth by volume.

Gaze in Awe at the General Sherman Tree


Tokopah Falls is a stunning waterfall, plunging 1,200 feet over a granite cliff. It's reached via a scenic 3.4-mile round-trip hike along the Marble Fork of the Kaweah River.

Hike to Tokopah Falls


This is a scenic road connecting Sequoia National Park with Kings Canyon National Park, winding through beautiful landscapes and historic sites.

Drive Along the Generals Highway


Crystal Cave is a fascinating underground world of marble formations, stalactites, and streams. It's among over 200 caves in Sequoia National Park, the sole open to the public.

Explore Crystal Cave


Moro Rock is a massive granite dome that offers panoramic views of the park and beyond. It is located near the Giant Forest on the Generals Highway

Climb to the Top of Moro Rock


Camping is one of the best ways to experience Sequoia National Park and immerse in nature. The park has 14 campgrounds with various amenities and locations.

Camp Under the Stars


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