7 Spectacular Summits to Conquer in Rocky Mountain Park


Rocky Mountain Park, a paradise for mountain lovers, boasts over 100 peaks above 11,000 feet, catering to all skill levels. Discover 7 must-conquer summits in this web story.

Longs Peak is the highest peak in the park, standing at 14,259 feet. It’s also one of the most popular and challenging summits, attracting thousands of climbers every year. 

Longs Peak


Hallett Peak is a prominent peak that rises above the Continental Divide. It’s a moderate climb that can be done in a day from Bear Lake. 

Hallett Peak


Mount Ida is a beautiful peak that offers panoramic views of the park. It’s located on the west side of the park, near Grand Lake. 

Mount Ida


Twin Sisters Peaks, adjacent and outside the park boundary, offer stunning views of the park. Accessible from Twin Sisters Trailhead near Lily Lake.

Twin Sisters Peaks


Mount Chiquita is an easy peak that can be done as a warm-up or a family hike. It’s located near the Alpine Visitor Center on Trail Ridge Road.

Mount Chiquita


Ypsilon Mountain is a striking peak that features a distinctive Y-shaped couloir on its north face. It’s a difficult climb that requires technical skills and equipment. 

Ypsilon Mountain


McHenrys Peak is a remote and rugged peak that lies at the heart of Glacier Gorge. It’s a challenging climb that involves off-trail hiking, scrambling, and route finding.

McHenrys Peak


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