8 Best Lakes to Discover in Sequoia National Park


Explore Sequoia National Park's wonders – giant trees, stunning lakes, and diverse ecosystems. Discover 8 beautiful lakes for nature, adventure, and relaxation.

Pear Lake is a gem of a lake at the end of a popular hike on the Lakes Trail. It's surrounded by granite cliffs with views of Alta Peak and the Great Western Divide.

Pear Lake


Emerald Lake is another destination along the Lakes Trail, and a good option for a shorter hike. The lake lives up to its name with its greenish hue and clear water. 

Emerald Lake


Heather Lake is the first lake on the Lakes Trail, a great place to take a break or cool off. The lake is nestled among pine trees with a sandy beach.

Heather Lake


Timberline Lake is a serene spot near the summit of Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the contiguous United States. The lake is fed by Whitney Creek with a rocky shoreline.

Timberline Lake


Guitar Lake is a unique lake that resembles a guitar from above. It’s located on the John Muir Trail and is a popular base camp for hikers attempting Mount Whitney. 

Guitar Lake


Precipice Lake is a stunning alpine lake that sits below a sheer cliff face. It’s one of the highlights of the High Sierra Trail, which crosses the park from west to east.

Precipice Lake


Big Hamilton Lake is a large and scenic lake that lies along the High Sierra Trail. The lake has a sandy beach and a grassy area where you can camp or picnic. 

Big Hamilton Lake


Monarch Lakes are two glacial lakes below Sawtooth Peak in the Mineral King area of the park. Accessed by a steep trail, they offer panoramic views.

Monarch Lake


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