7 Scenic Mountain Towns to Visit in the US


Explore 2023's best safari spots for wildlife lovers. Dive into untouched nature, vibrant ecosystems, and majestic animals with our curated list.

This is the largest living thing on earth, measuring 275 feet tall and 36 feet in diameter.

See the General Sherman Tree in Snow


There are trails for all levels of experience, and you can rent equipment at the park .

Ski and Snowshoe through the Giant Forest 


In the midst of a winter wonderland blanketed with freshly fallen snow, one can embark on the delightful endeavors of sculpting a charming snowman 

Play in the snow at Designated Snowplay Areas 


This road connects Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, and offers stunning views of the mountains and valleys.

Drive along the scenic Generals Highway 


Some of them freeze in winter, creating ice sculptures that sparkle in the sun 

Witness the Beauty of the Park’s Waterfalls 


In the tranquil embrace of the lush forest, where towering trees stand as ancient sentinels, one may encounter a diverse array of wildlife.

Spot Wildlife in their Natural Habitat 


You’ll need to bring your own gear and be prepared for cold temperatures.

Camp Under the Stars at one of the Park’s Campgrounds 


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