9 Natural Hot Springs in the US for Winter Bliss


Winter is here, but you don’t have to freeze. Escape to these natural hot springs in the US and enjoy the warmth and beauty of nature. 

Home to the world’s largest mineral hot spring, Thermopolis offers a variety of pools and spas to suit your preferences. 

Thermopolis, Wyoming 


If you love hiking, you’ll love Deep Creek Hot Springs. Located at the end of a 3.6-mile trail, these springs are secluded and scenic. 

Deep Creek Hot Springs, California 


Wild Willy’s Hot Springs is a popular spot near Mammoth Lakes. It features a heart-shaped pool that is perfect for photos and romance. 

Wild Willy’s Hot Springs, California 


You can soak in the thermal waters at one of the two bathhouses, drink from the springs, and learn about the history and geology of the area. 

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas 


For a luxurious experience, head to Omni Bedford Springs Resort. This elegant hotel has a spa that uses the water from the nearby spring.  

Omni Bedford Springs Resort, Pennsylvania 


You can relax in the outdoor hot springs, marvel at the ice sculptures in the Aurora Ice Museum, and watch the northern lights in the night sky. 

Chena Hot Springs, Alaska 


storia Hot Springs is a serene and peaceful spot near Jackson. It has several pools with varying temperatures and views of the Snake River and the mountains. 

Astoria Hot Springs, Wyoming 


You have to hike about 2.5 miles to reach these springs, but you’ll be rewarded with turquoise pools, waterfalls, and steamy rocks. 

Fifth Water Hot Springs, Utah 


Boiling River Hot Springs is a unique place where a hot spring meets a cold river. You can find your ideal temperature by moving around the mixing zone.  

Boiling River Hot Springs, Wyoming 


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