7 Must-Do Experiences at SeaWorld San Diego


SeaWorld San Diego offers thrilling rides and up-close encounters with marine animals, blending education and entertainment. Discover the top 7 must-do experiences!

The SeaWorld Rescue team has saved 40,000+ animals in 50+ years, aiming to rehab and return them to the ocean. 

See How SeaWorld is Helping Animals Globally 


Meet sea turtles, sharks, otters, and penguins at SeaWorld San Diego. Learn from animal care specialists how to protect wildlife. 

Learn About Magical Marine Life 


SeaWorld's new play and learning area, featuring rescue-themed rides, a splash zone, real rescue vehicles, and encounters with animal conservation ambassadors.

Dive Into Adventure at Rescue Jr.


Dive, flip, spin, and zoom at SeaWorld! Enjoy coasters like Electric Eel, Manta, Emperor, Arctic Rescue, Octarock, and Tentacle Twirl. 

Enjoy Thrilling Coasters and Kid-Friendly Rides


Discover marine life & the bond between animals & their caretakers. Meet orcas, celebrate with dolphins, & learn with sea lions & otters. 

Experience Awe-Inspiring Animal Presentations


Get up close with SeaWorld's amazing animals — walruses, dolphins, penguins, and beluga whales — in a family-friendly behind-the-scenes encounter! 

Get Up Close With Amazing Animals


Ready for water thrills? Ride Journey to Atlantis, get soaked on Shipwreck Rapids, or play in Rescue Bay Splash Zone!

Cool Off on Water Rides


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