Top 7 Must-See Attractions at SeaWorld San Diego


Explore the wonders of the ocean at this amazing theme park. Here are the top 7 attractions you can’t miss.

Experience the thrill of diving like a penguin on the tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster in California.



Learn about the fascinating lives of killer whales and witness their power and grace in this stunning presentation.

Orca Encounter


Watch the dolphins perform amazing acrobatics and get a chance to feed them, touch them, or even swim with them.

Dolphin Adventures


Glide, twist, and soar like a ray on this multi-media roller coaster that takes you through an underwater world.



Enjoy the hilarious antics of sea lions, otters, and their trainers in this comedy show that spoofs TV and music.

Sea Lions Live


Join your favorite Sesame Street characters in this colorful area filled with kid-friendly rides, shows, and activities.

Sesame Street Bay of Play


Feel the electricity of this coaster that features loops, twists, and a 60-foot drop at 62 miles per hour.

Electric Eel 


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