7 Fun Discoveries at the Titanic Museum, TN for Families


The Titanic Museum is more than just a museum. It is an interactive adventure that takes you back to the time of the Titanic, the legendary ship that sank in 1912.

Embark on a journey through the Titanic Museum with your family. Learn about its passengers and explore the ship's features firsthand. Discover fun finds together.

Personalized passes immerse you in Titanic's story, making each family member a passenger. Start your journey in style.

Interactive Boarding Pass


Step into 1912 with 20 galleries lit to recreate Titanic's ambiance. Explore luxury and simplicity in every corner.

Dramatically Lit Galleries


Sit in an actual-size lifeboat, reliving the harrowing moments of Titanic's evacuation. Experience bravery and tragedy firsthand.

Lifeboat Experience


Hear Titanic's melodies in our Music Gallery. Play a 1900s Grand Piano and feel the elegant entertainment of the era.

Music Gallery


Take the wheel on Titanic's bridge and command your view. Experience the icy waters like Captain Edward Smith did.

Captain's Bridge


Dive into highlights of Titanic's exploration. Discover owner and John Joslyn's efforts through interactive displays.

Discovery Gallery


Ascend the stunning replica staircase, a faithful recreation of Titanic's blueprints. Experience the elegance of first-class luxury. 

Replica Grand Staircase


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