World's Largest Titanic Museum, TN: 10 Must-Know Tips


If you are fascinated by the story of the Titanic, you will love the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This museum is the largest permanent Titanic museum in the world.

Uncover the ship's history, artifacts, and tales uniquely. Elevate your visit with 10 tips for an enjoyable and memorable experience. 

Grab a Titanic Scavenger Hunt for the kids (or yourself) to make learning about the Titanic's history even more fun and interactive.

Take Advantage of the Scavenger Hunt


Take advantage of the opportunity for some fantastic photo opportunities outside the museum, capturing the grandeur of the Titanic Museum.

Explore Outside


Upon entering, make sure to obtain your boarding pass, which will immerse you into the story of the Titanic and its passengers.

Get Your Boarding Pass


Consider opting for the enhanced tour with audio players to delve deeper into the history or engage with knowledgeable crew members who can share fascinating insights.

Enhance Your Experience


Experience what it was like aboard the Titanic by trying activities like steering the ship, walking the grand staircase, and sitting inside a lifeboat.

Interact with Exhibits


Imagine the luxury of first-class dining with a glimpse at the menu, then explore a replica third-class cabin to contrast accommodations.

Don't Miss the Titanic Dining Experience


Throughout your tour, take breaks to enjoy interactive elements like touch ice, shovel coal, and experience the ship's tilt for an immersive experience.

Take Breaks and Enjoy the Stops


Remember that video and photography are not permitted inside the museum except for designated areas like the Grand Staircase.

Respect Photography Rules


Learn about the passengers' stories, including the courageous women and the heroic musicians whose music lifted spirits during the tragedy.

Discover the Passenger Stories


Keep an eye out for special events like murder mystery parties, weddings, birthdays, and educational experiences for schools and homeschooling at the museum.

Check Out Special Programs


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