7 Essential Tips for Exploring Badlands National Park


Badlands National Park, located in South Dakota, USA, is renowned for its stunning geological formations, rich fossil beds, and diverse wildlife. 

Avoid the crowds and extreme temperatures by visiting in the shoulder seasons.

Visit in the spring or fall


Enjoy the scenic views and wildlife sightings along this 39-mile road that loops through the park.

Drive the Badlands Loop Road


Experience one of the most thrilling and popular hikes in the park, featuring a ladder climb and a canyon overlook.

Hike the Notch Trail


Learn about the ancient creatures that once roamed the Badlands on this easy, paved trail with fossil replicas.

Explore the Fossil Exhibit Trail


Immerse yourself in nature at this free, primitive campground where bison and prairie dogs are your neighbors.

Camp at Sage Creek Campground


Witness the spectacular colors and shadows that transform the Badlands at dawn and dusk.

Watch the sunrise and sunset


Get information, maps, exhibits, and souvenirs at the park’s main visitor center, named after a Lakota congressman.

Visit the Ben Reifel Visitor Center


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