10 Hidden Wonders of Badlands National Park Revealed by Locals


Badlands National Park, located in southwestern South Dakota, is a stunning natural area known for its rugged landscapes, dramatic rock formations, and mixed-grass prairies.

Badlands National Park is full of surprises. Discover 10 amazing places that only locals know, from fossils to wildlife to night skies.

Drive along this scenic route and stop at various overlooks and trails to see the park’s beauty.

Badlands Loop Road


Hike through a break in the wall and enter a maze of colorful spires and buttes.

Door Trail


Climb a log ladder and follow a ledge to a spectacular view of the White River Valley.

Notch Trail


Enjoy a short walk to a natural window that frames the Badlands Wall.

Window Trail


Marvel at the striking contrast of yellow, purple, and red rocks that indicate ancient soil layers.

Yellow Mounds Overlook


Watch the antics of hundreds of prairie dogs that live in this large colony near the park entrance.

Roberts Prairie Dog Town


Experience the wilderness and wildlife of the park’s backcountry, where bison and bighorn sheep roam.

Sage Creek Wilderness Area


Spot the endangered black-footed ferrets that have been reintroduced to this area of the park.

Conata Basin Overlook


Visit the park’s main visitor center and learn more about the park’s history, culture, and geology.

Ben Reifel Visitor Center


Discover the ancient animals that once lived in the Badlands, such as horses, rhinos, and saber-toothed cats.

Fossil Exhibit Trail


You can also extend your trip and visit other National Parks in the area, such as Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Rocky Mountain, and Glacier.


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