Do you remember the foods you used to eat as a kid?

Maybe you still crave them today, but they are no longer available or hard to find. Here are 7 childhood foods we need back in 2023.

The ultimate snack for kids in the 90s. They were small cookies that you could dip in frosting, with flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and rainbow sprinkles.



Oreo O’s were a dream come true for cookie lovers. They were crunchy O-shaped cereal pieces that tasted like Oreos, with marshmallows that resembled the cream filling.

Oreo O’s


Wonder Ball was a chocolate ball that contained a surprise toy inside. It was inspired by the Kinder Surprise eggs popular in Europe, but with a twist. 

Wonder Ball


A line of fruit-flavored drinks marketed as a healthier soda alternative with catchy names and colorful packaging, featuring slogans like “For the mind, body, and planet.”



Pop-Tarts Crunch was a cereal version of the popular toaster pastries. They were mini Pop-Tarts that came in two flavors: Frosted Strawberry and Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon.

Pop-Tarts Crunch


It was a drink that came in a plastic bottle shaped like a fruit. You had to squeeze the bottle to drink the liquid, which had flavors like Berry B. Wild, Chucklin’ Cherry, and Grumpy Grape.



Surge was a citrus-flavored soda that had a high caffeine content and a neon green color. It was marketed as an energy drink for young people, with slogans like “Feed the Rush”.



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