7 Charming Retirement Gems in New Hampshire


New Hampshire is a great place to retire, with low taxes, quality health care, and stunning scenery. Here are 7 charming retirement gems in New Hampshire. 

Exeter is a historic town with a vibrant cultural scene. It has the most medical centers per capita on this list and plenty of recreation options.



Portsmouth is a coastal city with a rich maritime heritage. It has the most recreation centers per capita on this list and a lively downtown area. 



Keene is a college town with a friendly community. It has a high percentage of seniors and a variety of arts and entertainment venues. 



Hanover is home to Dartmouth College and a hub of education and innovation. It has a low crime rate and a beautiful natural setting. 



Concord is the state capital and a center of politics and culture. It has a diverse population and a range of amenities and services. 



Laconia is a lakeside town with a relaxed atmosphere. It has a low cost of living and a scenic location near Lake Winnipesaukee. 



Nashua is a city with a strong economy and a high quality of life. It has a low unemployment rate and a close proximity to Boston. 



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