9 Cheap Yet Delightful Retirement Places in Massachusetts


Massachusetts is a great state to retire in, with its rich history, culture, and nature. It offers a variety of retirement places that suit different lifestyles and budgets.  

North Adams is a small city in the western part of Massachusetts, known for its arts and culture scene. 

North Adams 


Framingham is a town in Middlesex County, located midway between Boston and Worcester. 



Montague is a town in Franklin County, in the western part of Massachusetts. It is rich with history and culture, with many historic buildings, museums, and landmarks. 



It is a major center of innovation and education, with several universities, research institutes, and technology companies. 



Pittsfield is a city in Berkshire County, in the western part of Massachusetts.



The Pinehills is a master-planned community in Plymouth, a town in Plymouth County, on the south shore of Massachusetts.  

The Pinehills 


It is a popular destination for tourists and retirees, who enjoy its beaches, ponds, marshes, and forests. 



Harwich Port is a village in the town of Harwich, in Barnstable County, on the south coast of Cape Cod. 

Harwich Port 


Newburyport is a city in Essex County, on the north shore of Massachusetts.



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