7 Breathtaking Views in Badlands National Park That Will Your Heart


Badlands National Park in South Dakota is a stunning place with cool rocks and pretty grass. The rocks are all jagged and rough, while the grass is smooth and calm. 

Drive along this scenic route and enjoy panoramic views of the park

Badlands Loop Road


Hike through a break in the wall and see the Badlands formations up close.

Door Trail


Climb a ladder and follow a ledge to a spectacular viewpoint of the White River Valley.

Notch Trail


Marvel at the colorful layers of rock that reveal the ancient history of the Badlands.

Yellow Mounds Overlook


Watch the cute and curious prairie dogs that live in the grasslands of the park.

Roberts Prairie Dog Town


Witness the dramatic contrast of the spiky pinnacles and the flat prairie at sunset.

Pinnacles Overlook


Experience the wild side of the park and spot bison, bighorn sheep, and other wildlife.

Sage Creek Wilderness Area


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