6 Amazing US Holidays and Festivals in 2023

The US is diverse with holidays and festivals to enjoy year-round. Whether it's a patriotic party, religious observance, or musical festival, you'll find it here.

Start the year with a bang by watching the famous ball drop in Times Square, New York City. 

New Year’s Day


Honor the legacy of the civil rights leader by visiting his memorial in Washington, D.C. or attending a march or rally in your city.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Celebrate the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln by visiting their monuments or museums.

Presidents’ Day


Pay tribute to the fallen heroes of the US military by attending a parade, a wreath-laying ceremony, or a flag-raising event.

Memorial Day


Celebrate the end of slavery in the US by attending a festival, a concert, or a picnic that showcases African American culture and history.



Celebrate the achievements of the American workers by taking a break from your work and enjoying some leisure activities.

Labor Day


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