10 Unmissable Exhibits at the Aquarium of the Pacific, CA


Discover the top 10 attractions at the Aquarium of the Pacific in California with these 10 unmissable exhibits, featuring marine life wonders and educational experiences.

Immerse yourself in a world where vibrant coral reefs and exotic fish paint a living masterpiece.

Tropical Pacific Gallery


Encounter the majestic symphony of whale calls and learn about these gentle giants of the ocean.

Whales: Voices in the Sea


Feel the thrill of touching a shark or ray as you learn about their fascinating underwater world.

Shark and Ray Touch Pool


Watch shorebirds in action, wading through wetlands that recreate their natural coastal habitats.

Shorebird Sanctuary


Discover the diverse sea life that thrives in the warm waters of the stunning Gulf of California.

Gulf of California


Gaze at birds diving into the water with precision, showcasing their natural hunting techniques.

Diving Birds Exhibit


Delight in the playful antics of seals and sea lions in a habitat that mimics their ocean home.

Seals and Sea Lions Habitat


Stroll through a rainbow of flying lorikeets in a lush forest setting, a truly interactive experience.

Lorikeet Forest


Plunge into the depths of the Honda Blue Cavern and uncover the secrets of its deep-sea inhabitants.

Honda Blue Cavern


Come face-to-face with the ocean's most iconic predators in an exhibit that's both thrilling and educational.

Shark Lagoon


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