10 Ultimate Spots to Visit in California in 2024


Discover the top 10 must-visit destinations in California for 2024. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, explore the best of the Golden State.

Discover the laid-back wine scene, cool restaurants, and eclectic lodging in the USA's top wine region.

Paso Robles


Explore California's only boat-in state park, a haven of natural lakes and volcanic springs.

Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park


Experience secluded beaches, scenic vistas, and provincial charm along a 76-mile stretch of Highway 1.

Sonoma Coast


Family-friendly ski resorts offering laid-back vibes and affordable fun on the slopes.

Down-home ski areas


Trek through the Redwood Empire, experiencing NorCal's iconic scenery and the enchanting Fern Canyon.

Fern Canyon Hike


Experience the post-rain transformation of this otherworldly landscape, as wildflowers bloom and salt flats glisten in Death Valley.

Death Valley National Park


Embrace the laid-back vibe of SoCal's southernmost beach town and explore pristine coastal wetlands.

Imperial Beach


Witness whitewater river racing in this tribal reservation's cultural hotspot. Thrilling action in a scenic setting.



Delight in artistic charm, gourmet dining, and stunning coastal vistas in this quaint seaside village.



Step back in time in this historic silver rush town surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery.



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