10 Insider Tips to Explore Zion's Mysterious Petroglyphs Canyon


Zion National Park is home to many wonders, but one of the most intriguing is Petroglyphs Canyon. This hidden gem is filled with ancient rock art that tells a story of the past. 

Embark on a unique adventure in Zion's Petroglyphs Canyon. Discover ancient art with 10 insider tips for an unforgettable visit.

Prepare for the moderate trail to Petroglyphs Canyon, featuring high and rough sections. Ensure to bring water and wear sturdy hiking shoes.

Insider Tips #1

Venture through Zion's Petroglyphs Canyon on a 3.2-mile trek, navigating rugged terrain to uncover mesmerizing ancient artwork.

Insider Tips #2

Expect a 4-hour hike, including climbing and scrambling, to discover breathtaking petroglyphs and scenic views along the route.

Insider Tips #3

See the old petroglyphs of Zion’s secret canyon, just half an hour from St George. 

Insider Tips #4

No toilets in the canyon, so be prepared and carry a bag for waste.

Insider Tips #5

Bring your leashed pup on select trails, but remember to exercise caution and show respect for the petroglyphs.

Insider Tips #6

Consider visiting between October and April for pleasant weather and fewer crowds. Enjoy stunning petroglyphs and picturesque views during this time.

Insider Tips #7

Skip the midday sun and crowds by opting for early or late visits. Experience the gentle light and tranquil trail, enhancing the beauty of the petroglyphs.

Insider Tips #8

Secure a permit from Zion National Park to explore Petroglyphs Canyon. Apply conveniently online or in person at the visitor center.

Insider Tips #9

Choose campgrounds near Petroglyphs Canyon in Zion by consulting the map. Ensure a spot by booking in advance for a seamless experience.

Insider Tips #10

Prepare for Petroglyphs Canyon's rugged terrain with rocks, sand, and water. Choose shoes with a strong grip and remain vigilant while navigating.

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