11 Unique Experiences at Zion National Park Tunnel and Surroundings


Discover the history and beauty of this engineering marvel and its nearby attractions.

Marvel at the striking rock formation that resembles a checkerboard, created by erosion and weathering

Experience 1: See the Checkerboard Mesa


Hike to the overlook that offers a panoramic view of the Zion Canyon and the Pine Creek slot canyon.

Experience 2: Visit the Canyon Overlook Trail


Enjoy the refreshing sight and sound of the waterfall that cascades into a pool, surrounded by lush vegetation.

Experience 3: Explore the Pine Creek Waterfall


Capture the beauty of the towering sandstone peak that dominates the skyline, especially at sunrise and sunset.

Experience 4: Photograph the East Temple


Watch the majestic animals that roam the hills and cliffs, and learn about their behavior and conservation.

Experience 5: Spot the Bighorn Sheep


Experience the thrill of driving along the winding and scenic road that crosses the Pine Creek and Virgin River bridges

Experience 6: Drive the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway


Stay at the campground that offers stunning views of the Watchman, a prominent rock formation, and the night sky

Experience 7: Camp at the Watchman Campground


Join a rafting adventure that takes you through the scenic and serene sections of the river, with some rapids

Experience 8: Raft the Virgin River


Learn about the history and culture of the Native American, pioneer, and park preservationist people who shaped the park

Experience 9: Tour the Zion Human History Museum


Follow the paved trail that runs along the Virgin River, offering views of the canyon walls and the wildlife

Experience 10: Walk the Pa’rus Trail


Hop on and off the shuttle bus that takes you to the main attractions and trailheads in the Zion Canyon

Experience 11: Ride the Zion Canyon Shuttle


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