10 Best Places to Travel to in May (Avoid the Crowds!)


Escape the tourist throngs this May with our curated list of 10 secluded travel destinations, offering tranquility and beauty in abundance. Let's explore!

Experience tranquil beaches and scenic hikes amidst olive groves. Embrace authentic cuisine in fishing villages.

Algarve, Portugal


Explore ancient Incan trails and marvel at Lake Titicaca's beauty. Ideal weather and fewer crowds enhance the experience.



Discover the soulful atmosphere of Graceland and Beale Street. Pleasant temperatures make riverside strolls enjoyable.

Memphis, USA


From Barcelona's gothic streets to Costa Brava's turquoise waters, Catalonia offers diverse experiences in mild weather.

Catalonia, Spain


Find serenity on Bali's beaches and in Ubud's cultural hub. The dry season begins, perfect for relaxation.

Bali, Indonesia


Immerse yourself in nature, wildlife, and community vibes. May unveil the island's spring beauty and adventures.

Vancouver Island, Canada


Breathtaking views of fjords, waterfalls, and snow-capped peaks await in May. Enjoy Norway's natural splendor with fewer tourists.

Norwegian Fjords


Embark on a safari adventure amidst lush landscapes and diverse wildlife. Optimal conditions for wildlife spotting.

Okavango Delta, Botswana


Experience Munich's blend of tradition and modernity. Springfest offers beer gardens and cultural delights.

Munich, Germany


Enjoy warm, dry weather and pristine beaches with fewer tourists. Explore Bridgetown's heritage and scenic beauty.



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