Discover 10 Safest Places to Travel in Mexico for Tourists in 2024


Discover Mexico's 10 safest tourist havens for a worry-free journey in 2024. Plan your trip confidently with our trusted recommendations.

Experience safety and culture intertwined in Mérida, the vibrant Yucatan capital known for its colonial charm and low crime rates.



Embrace the Pacific coast's allure in Puerto Vallarta, where art, beach life, and a welcoming atmosphere await visitors.

Puerto Vallarta


Delight in colonial elegance and safety in San Miguel de Allende, a UNESCO World Heritage Site beloved by expats and travelers alike.

San Miguel de Allende


Discover paradise with peace of mind in Los Cabos, where stunning beaches and resort experiences meet low crime rates.

Los Cabos


Dive into tranquility and marine wonders in Cozumel, where turquoise waters and pristine beaches beckon with safety assured.



Uncover history and affordability in Puebla, a charming city offering easy access to natural beauty and urban attractions.



Embrace seaside serenity and safety in La Paz, where a laid-back atmosphere and abundant outdoor activities await.

La Paz


Experience coastal bliss and security in Huatulco, a hidden gem boasting pristine bays and a welcoming expat community.



Explore coastal beauty and tranquility in Campeche, one of Mexico's safest cities on the Gulf of Mexico.



Revel in sun-soaked adventures with peace of mind in Cancun, where luxurious resorts and safety measures ensure a memorable stay.



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